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Technical & Lighting design for theatre / concerts / corporate


Photograghy and lighting go hand in hand, Lighting and story go eye to mind.


For 40 years I’ve loved helping tell stories that are poignant, original and staged by people I admire.

The challenge of bringing together elements of equipment and crew is immensely satisfying. I thrive on operating inside a team of people that understand the spirit of co-operation and communication necessary to present a work of art and acknowledge behind-the-scenes efforts.

My interest in lighting started with watching the original “Twilight Zone” by Rod Serling. 

After being captivated by how control of light and shadow could compliment or distract from the emotional intent and intensity of dialogue, I researched Rod Serling himself, and found biographies about how he prized communication and artistic freedom, and therefore enabled respecting core crew. 

Everyone has to have a hero; he is mine.

Art is Communication, Communication is Art.


What you know and what you think you know are separated by facts and critical thinking. I enjoy challenging what I and you know. The success of a presentation is not hinged on one element or one person.

It is multi-disciplinary.                                    

Lighting is part of those elements that enables communication and will influence the interpretation .

You are never the only reason, you succeed.


There is a tremendous amount of organization to be acknowledged when taking on a any part of a project.

The most important one is, collaboration.

With a number of projects on the run and spending numerous volunteer hours with local, long established theatre companies, my time is precious and I make the most of it by ensuring the overall team of project managers has communication as their priority.

I am not interested patronizing anyone’s ego, for that is directly rooted to insecurities. I want confident, prepared individuals to know their opinion is expected and respected. 

There is an end goal, help, not hinder that goal.

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