Logo deciphered

V is Grecian

Ancient Greece did not have a true ‘V’ letter in their alphabet, instead it was used to symbolize creation, creative energy or “vessel of life."

Ancient scribes built elaborate art around this, and other letters, as “introductory text” that would draw attention to the page or paragraph and give “pleasure to the eye."


In this use, I chose it to represent the hard elements of the ‘venue’ or ‘vessel’ that has a clearly defined space. The lighting instruments are included as part of this ‘hard edge’ because they need to be used from specific points to create the desired effect.

Both elements impose limitations to telling the story.

It my job to find a way around those restrictions.

The flora

Represents all the abstract desires and ideas that need to fit into the ‘V’ to depict the written story - visually & sonically.

Bringing about the convergence and compromise of ideas to facilitate and empower interpretation of content and emotion, is the best part of lighting design.