Good Management is proactive, not reactive

Lions Gate Bridge support beam

Technical Design

Identifying, understanding, compiling equipment is the first phase.

I spent 16 years touring with many types of productions from concerts, theatre and corporate events that employed different approaches to management for the wide variety of venues and environments, that, if nothing else, expands on ideas of what you have, what you need and what is possible in the space.

Advancing the show requires I understand the limitations of the venue and how my particular event will need to leverage those to an advantage.


 When those advantages have been identified, that will inform how much crew will be required to have the job done safely, above all other demands. 

Measuring timelines and ensuring the skilled people needed, are available, is step two.


Moving around the continent and installing too numerous a show into large and small venues means I have to ask questions, communicate what is needed in ideal situations and anticipate what might be required in smaller, less standardized venues.

Touring with competent, experienced people taught me a lot about gravity and temporarily suspending its effects.

Lighting & Sound

I like to learn and be ready as a Technical Director.

That means I keep learning about the latest standards of production equipment for lighting and sound.

My interest in lighting is thorough and accomplished with applying the expected and unexpected.

Like equipment from other segments of the production  industries, to human behavioural sciences in choosing colour or creating an effect to that you will want to love, or run away from.

FOH sound and monitor mixing for bands or political campaign speeches and large area distributed sound, is another skill set that good people taught me a lot about, while working with the latest speaker systems and desks in varying situations.

Festival Management

I currently contract to Theatre BC (North Shore Zone) for Technical Direction at Presentation House Theatre on an annual contract.

I am also currently contracted to Jericho Arts Centre as Technical Director and venue liaison.

Previous management contracts include:

The Walking Fish Festival

Neanderthal Festival

Numerous ethnic music festivals

Other management contracts

Western Sound Rentals department

Centennial Commission Vancouver

Mediaco A/V rental department

Plaza of Nations for Strongco A/V

Howe Campaign support  (Municipal & Provincial)

Many tour transportation and production management

Mega Stage & Stageline hydraulic portable decks.

Briere Production Services