If you haven’t done it, you don’t know.

Driving anything on public roads and highways is a skill taken for granted.

When operating a large vehicle, it takes an awareness of all that other drivers are not paying attention to, especially in making tight turns and stopping in congested areas.

An integral part

To make myself more attractive to management companies, I acquired a class 1 license in 1979.

This has proved invaluable when co-ordinating transportation for any event.

Modifying the van trailer to move theatre flats and other staging or loading concert production rigs, requires an understanding of what is needed in the venue first, managing the weight distribution for travel, then time and fuel management to get from point A, to point B.

I have travelled all over the North American continent from Stewart Alaska to Key West Florida and Goose Bay LAB. to Mexico city. 

Managing permits, travel restrictions like weather and other hurdles is something that can not be learned in any school.

Just saying

When I was not touring with production equipment and there was no reason to be home, I would hire out this skill set to commercial carriers and bus companies as temporary holiday relief, dedicated recovery or urgent overload.

This led to many adventures and meeting some amazing people in situations that both enlightened and stressed, but always added to the knowledge bank.

Current certifications

BC Drivers License – Class 1

Over 8 million kilometres driven since 1980.

All work is contract based.

Qualified and experienced on the following SPECIALIZED equipment:

BC Certified 40t crane operator

Certified Rough Terrain Fork Lift

Certified Man Lift Operator

Certified Boom Lift Operator

Birdseye Aerial Platform – 55m articulated work platform

Starlite Illumination – 42m stiff boom

(Certified 40t operator)

Starlite Illumination - 6 Pack

(All-in-one 12k stick w/ genny)

20t – 50t portable cranes

Hiab trunk mount knuckle and stiff boom units

Qualified and experienced on the following STANDARD equipment:

Private coaches and buses

(MTR Western, Traxx, Charter, Cypress, 911 Filmcars)


48’, 53’ dry and reefer vans

Super B flat deck trains

A train vans

53’ drop axle flats

(Commercial, line and long haul, firms requiring emergency relief or contract hauling LTL and TL delivery included: Western Logistics, Aggressive Transport, Supertruck, Moznik Trucking and Konings Wholesale)

Other Transport contracts:

Tour management, route planning for concerts, trade show convoys.

Acquiring drivers and equipment for tours.

Manage equipment during tour.

Vehicle acquisition for local, inter-provincial and US touring.

I like being multi-talented, 

I know how to serve in many descriptions, all of the skills are portable and applicable 

from one to the other.